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Google Developer Group (GDG) Basel is a non-profit & non-business community of developers, programmers, coders and any other people having fun with software development. This is the perfect place for developers to share experiences and ideas in a relaxed, enthusiastic, positive, open-minded & respectful environment. Our community is naturally open to all developers,  so if you are interested to push innovation & creativity on Basel area then our group is done for you!

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First DevFest Switzerland announced!


GDG Zurich, GDG Geneva, GDG Basel, GDG Fribourg & GDG Bodensee with many developers and experts are proud organizers of the first edition of the DevFest Switzerland.

Swiss Google Developers Groups are proud to announce the first GDG DevFest CH which is the biggest Google related event in Switzerland carefully crafted by GDG community! The event will take place on 26-27th of November in Zurich.

What to expect

  • In this conference, we will have 200+ attendees and 10+ speakers from different locations over Europe.Google Developer Experts will also perform on these dates!
  • We try to focus on technical aspects and deliver high quality talks.
  • Two days talks & codelabs dedicated Android, Web, Cloud & Open Source technologies.
  • Codelabs where participants will have an opportunity to get some new practical skills from the best developers in Google-related technologies.

So hurry up to book tickets to the event, this will be a fantastic chance to learn in the company of coders, hackers, geeks and just experts of our industry.

Festival organizers

Google development groups from all over Switzerland are sharing experiences and gain new knowledge. Each group – is open to all community of developers that create exciting projects and share their experience with passion about Google technologies.

By the way, it’s pleasure to announce that call for papers is opened! Apply and share with us your knowledge and experience.

You can find information about registration, speakers, tickets and other latest news on the conference website,Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Don’t miss anything interesting!

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People Involved

The Team

Jean-Baptiste Clion

True Google fan & Cloud technologies addict, always trying to design & develop innovative solutions. Share his passion for coding, always ready to help, motivate & animate on Google technologies.


Real Cloud enthusiast, always ready to help and share with web communities. He is a strong team player and has natural skills for leadership and organisation.

François 'ftiff' Levaux

If you're a MacAdmin, you might already know him. He loves technology, but the end user should be at the center of it. A ten year-old should get it instantly. François is also the Social Media Manager of TEDxBasel.

On December 5th, we had a Hackathon in Basel. It was quite a unique experience. We were one of the first to try out the all-new Onion Omega. Here’s how to install Python on it!

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Hi there! We are back! After a short period of inactivity, GDG Basel website (Work, Family & Busy Busy Busy ) is  back with great news, I mean really great news. Tomorrow GDG Basel is flying to San Francisco in order to attend the GDG Summit 2015 & the Google I/O 2015. No need to say we are… Read More

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Google uses containers for any run in their clusters, starting over 2 billion containers per week, more than 3000 per second. And this does not include long life containers. Recently, Google has made another step in the integration of Docker. During the Cloud Platform Live event on November 4 in San Francisco, the group presented the “Google Container Engine”… Read More

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  The Google Cloud Platform Live events occurs tomorrow. GDG Basel is following it and will of course provide analyze and feedback in the coming days, and just to make sure you are ready for it, here is the Google Live event program. Two tracks will be available on this event Track 1 – Building a best-in-class Cloud… Read More

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As described in this article, we can bind in a very simply way an App Engine project to a Github repository. The hook notification will hang perfectly at each change on the master branch. The sources will be recovered, and a build will be launched. First of all, the project must be a standard Maven… Read More

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 Lollipop, Google’s latest OS iteration has been announced last Wednesday and is already available in preview for developers. Google has made a really new step with Android 5.0 and you can feel it just by checking the set of new features. Material Design Enhanced notifications 3D multitasking Direct links to apps from Google searches 64-bit CPU support Smartwatch… Read More

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From the field

Here developers, programmers & coders are ruling the place! It is all about sharing our passion to write code & develop cool apps. It is great to share with people knowing that to be developer is also a culture & a way of life.