Introduction to Google Container Engine

Google uses containers for any run in their clusters, starting over 2 billion containers per week, more than 3000 per second. And this does not include long life containers. Recently, Google has made another step in the integration of Docker. During the Cloud Platform Live event on November 4 in San Francisco, the group presented the “Google Container Engine”… Read More

Push-To-Deploy to GitHub : Continuous Integration Enhancement

As described in this article, we can bind in a very simply way an App Engine project to a Github repository. The hook notification will hang perfectly at each change on the master branch. The sources will be recovered, and a build will be launched. First of all, the project must be a standard Maven… Read More

Lollipop, be together not the same

 Lollipop, Google’s latest OS iteration has been announced last Wednesday and is already available in preview for developers. Google has made a really new step with Android 5.0 and you can feel it just by checking the set of new features. Material Design Enhanced notifications 3D multitasking Direct links to apps from Google searches 64-bit CPU support Smartwatch… Read More

App Engine Modules: More control & flexibility to your Apps

App Engine Backends have been introduced during the Google I/O 2011 and were designed for applications that needed faster performance, large amounts of addressable memory, and continuous or long-running background processes. First quarter of this year Google has announced the generally available of modules on App Engine and  the deprecation of Backend API introducing then a new way to think… Read More

Google Atmosphere 2014 Live in a nutshell

Last Google Atmosphere event took place last Wednesday, things like Disruptions, Moonshot, Cloud Computing & Business Shifts have been discussed during this 2014 session. GDG Basel has watched the 163 minutes of the live streamed event for you and kept the best of it, so get comfortable we are about to start. Announcements Let’s start by the most… Read More