1. Follow


The GDG Basel Google+ page to be notified of any public events or activities that we are organizing. A simple & efficient way to be kept updated !


2. Join


The GDG Basel community to take part to backstage activities or just exchange with members. The best way to dive in the GDG Basel daily live !


3. Enroll


Is the most important click! You will then be enrolled into the GDG Basel by clicking on button directly form the official Google developer page!

Next steps ?

Congratulations! If you successfully followed our three steps registration you are now member of the Basel Google Developer Group! And now what next ? Get in touch with your new community!

There are always millions things on going, so if you want to organize with us,  having an idea for cool apps to code, a  great post to share, or just want to chat, then:

  1. Get in touch with other members on the Google+ community.
  2. Contact organizers to have more details on activities, also doable via the Google+ community.

But the best action is definitely to show up in one of our next event or team meeting, this will be a great way to get rapidly involved in your new GDG and of course to meet great people!

Thank you for sharing you passion with us & see you soon online or offline.

Enjoy !